The Website Title is found in the top bar of your browser window, and is a good place to include important keywords

  • Your website title is the text displayed at the very top of your browser. Because the website title is used by the search engines to “file” your site in their index, it is the most important part of your site.
  • A poorly chosen title will put you in an inappropriate search engine “file,” making it difficult for potential clients to find you.
  • For the real estate industry, a good title will include your geographical location and your business specialty, i.e. Chicago Commercial Real Estate.
  • Search Engines will commonly only read about 10 words of the website title.

Keyword: not just a single word, but a phrase that a searcher uses to find information in a search engine. Someone looking for a certain type of real estate in Minnesota might use the key term “Minnesota lakefront vacation home.” Statistics show that less than 20% of searches are done with one word; most searches contain three or more words.

Meta Tag: an HTML code that provides information about your website to the search engines. This code is invisible to your site visitors.

To input Website Title:

  1. Log into the Admin Menu.
  2. Select Keyword Manager.
  3. Enter the Website Title.
  4. Save Changes.