The Website Description meta-tag should contain a short description of the services you offer in 100 words or less.

  • Your description meta-tag is a brief narrative description of the content of your website and your business.
  • The description tag helps the search engine determine whether your site is relevant to a search query, just like the website title. Your website description should describe where you do business and what type of business you do.
  • This tag is only read by the search engines, so it does not have to be in “perfect” English.
  • Your site description should be no more than a few sentences.

Keyword: not just a single word, but a phrase that a searcher uses to find information in a search engine. Someone looking for a certain type of real estate in Minnesota might use the key term “Minnesota lakefront vacation home.” Statistics show that less than 20% of searches are done with one word; most searches contain three or more words.

Meta Tag: an HTML code that provides information about your website to the search engines. This code is invisible to your site visitors.

To input Website Description:

  1. Log into your Admin Menu.
  2. Select Keyword Manager.
  3. Enter the Website Description.
  4. Save Changes.