If you choose not to use a single image from our banner library or upload your own 1-photo banner, you may create your own banner from a series of 3 or 4 images.

Note: Banners are available on New Classic Layouts, Classic Layouts 1 & 2 and the New Top Navigation Layouts

  • Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu.
  • Click on Edit Website Contents.
  • From any page with a banner on your site, click on the banner image. Though it should always be available on the homepage, if you do not see a banner image. click on the Edit button. You should see the banner edit field at the top of your screen.
  • Select the appropriate banner source and click Continue.
  • The following page will allow you to choose from our library or upload your own photos one after another until you have completed the banner.

3. This is an example of a 3-photo banner.
4. This is an example of a 4-photo banner.