File Types

  • Images need to be in a standard graphics format.
  • Please make sure your graphics are saved as .JPG, .GIF, or .BMP.
  • Graphic formats must be in RGB format.
  • Many file formats specific to editing programs will not upload

    • (i.e. Photoshop .PSD, PowerPoint .PPT, etc.).

Image Size

  • Images are limited in size to 3 megabytes.
  • If your image is larger than this, please edit your photo to a smaller size.
  • If you are using a scanner, lower the DPI (dots per inch) setting to between 100 and 150dpi.
  • Also saving in JPEG (.jpg) format can help to reduce the size considerably.

Note: while images up to 3 mb in size are accepted, uploading large files may cause problems during uploading by timing-out the internet connection. We recommend files in the range of 100-200 k. Images of this size should still give you perfectly acceptable resolution without being too large.

Other Factors

  • Slow modem speeds will be a factor in how long it takes an image to upload.
  • If you adding photos to a listing and are attempting to upload several images at the same time, you may experience a long upload time.
  • In some cases a “time-out” may occur which can abort your upload.
  • The work around for this problem is to upload fewer images at a time.
  • Upload 2-3 images, then return to the edit mode and upload 2-3 more.

Uploading from a floppy disk or CD 

  • Floppy disks and some CD units may be slow in transferring the image from the floppy or CD.
  • This will slow down your upload time and can cause a “time-out” error.
  • The work around for this is to copy the image to your hard drive and then upload the image from your hard drive rather than from the floppy or CD.