It is now possible to add a Google Map to the Home Page of your iHOUSE website showing your listings and allowing visitors to click for more information.

NOTE: This feature is only available on certain home page templates – the Map can be added to all “New Layouts” for both Classic and Top Navigation Themes. 

We recognize that some listings may be mapped incorrectly or may not be found because of having only a partial or a new address. You can set your own map coordinates manually for these listings on your iHOUSE website using our Map Listings tool.

To use the Map Listings tool:

  1. Select Edit Website Contents on the iHOUSE Admin Panel – You will be taken to your Home Page in Edit Mode.
  2. Navigate to the listing you want to edit and click on its Edit button.
  3. Click on the link to the Map Listing tool. It can be found in the Basic Features section under Location.
  4. The Map Listing tool opens in a new window. Click and drag the marker on the map to where it belongs and click the Save Coordinates button.
  5. After saving the map, the window will automatically close.

To clear any manual coordinates you may have saved, click the Reset to Address button. This will reset the listing coordinates to the automatic placement found by the Google map.