• Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Website Contents.
  • Click the listing button which you would like to edit.
  • Click the Edit button next to the listing you want to edit or change.
  • Click the Click here to upload photos or activate slide show link.
  • To change the Main Photo, click the main photo Browse button and upload your new photo.
  • To REMOVE a photo, delete the photo description in the left column. NOTE: You cannot remove the main photo, you can only replace it with another image.
  • To add a photo, enter the description in the left field and click the “Browse” button on the right.

    • Then, select the photo file from your computer.
  • To change an existing photo, click the Browse button to the right of the photo description and upload a new photo.
  • When finished, select Save Changes. You will be taken to the ListingLaunch Screen.

Here are some helpful tips for uploading photos to your listings:

Image Size

  • The ideal image size is approximately 500 pixels wide.
  • This will make the height about 350 pixels tall for a standard “landscape” format.
  • In inches, this is about 5 inches x 3.5 inches at a resolution of 100 pixels/inch.
  • File Size

    • The maximum file size is 1 megabyte, which will not be a concern if you size photo as noted above.
  • NOTE: If you receive an error message stating “Missing Account Number”after uploading photos, your photo has either larger than 1mb in size, the wrong file format or is corrupted.

Image Orientation

  • Our service will accommodate standard horizontal or “landscape” images.
  • All thumbnail images needed for the listing section will automatically be created for your site.
  • You may upload vertical or “portrait” images to the listing section but the thumbnails may be stretched and look distorted.

Rotating Images

  • If you have an image that is sideways, you can easily rotate the image using Microsoft Paint.
  • Open the Paint program.
  • Open your image in Paint: Select File > Open – Select your image.
  • Select Image > Flip and Rotate
  • Select Rotate by Angle- Choose the angle (usually 90 degrees)
  • Click OK
  • If the image still requires rotating, repeat the process until it is correct.
  • When finished Click File > Save. NOTE: save the image as a JPEG (.jpg) if possible.
  • You can now upload the image to your site.