• Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Website Contents.
  • Click on the Testimonials button.
  • Click on the “Edit” button to modify an existing entry or click on the “Delete” button to remove the entry.
  • Under the Name section enter the name of the person(s).
    This will show at the bottom of the testimonial as a “signature”.
  • To replace a photo, click the Browse button and select the photo from your computer.
    Click the “Open” button to complete the selection.
  • Under Position (1-99) enter the number for the order in which you want this entry to show on the testimonials page.

    1. i.e. number 1 will be the first on the page, number 2 will be second etc..
  • Under the Enter Testimonial Text section edit or enter the text.
  • Use the Special Format Codes to enhance your text.
  • Click Save Changes when you are done.