iHOUSEweb offers many forms on your website to help you capture
visitor information. The pre-set forms are named Dream Home Finder,
Market Analysis, Contact Form, Guest Book, Registration, Win $1000
and Extra Form 1. All forms can be renamed, and modified to suit
your needs.

Below are Links to the Help Center articles about how to change each part
of our forms. This information is correct for all forms.

  1. Edit the “Instructions / Text” area of the form
  2. Edit the “On Screen Response”
  3. Edit the “Auto Response Via Email”
  4. Edit Form Fields (Questions)
  5. Sending Form Mail to Specific Email Addresses

Also, forms can be used to require registration before visitors see the content
of pages on your site.

How to Require Registration on a Button Using a Form

Note: All the forms on our site will “remember” individual users who
have previously filled out a form on the site. The forms remember
each visitor as a unique visitor and will automatically fill in their
information if they visit other forms. For example, if Visitor A
fills in their contact information on the Dream Home Finder, their
information will also appear if they visit another form or when they visit
the same form at a different time. The information will not be displayed
to other visitors. This feature helps visitors to fill out several forms
without having to repeat their contact information.

Note: Many ISP’s and third party companies are now providing Pop-up
blockers which prevent pop-up forms from displaying. Check the help
section of your pop-up blocker program for information on how to
exclude your domain name from the pop-up block.