This will create a direct link from a button to the site you choose. The site will be loaded directly into the right frame of your site.

NoteYou cannot use the “Visitor Registration” feature to force registration on a button if you are using this “Link To” feature on the button. The Link To will work but the forced registration will not work.

  • Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Navigation Buttons from the Admin Menu..
  • Click on the Link To link below the button list.
  • Enter the location URL (ex: http://www…) in the right column next to the name of the button.
  • Save Changes.
    • It may take several minutes for your buttons to be updated.
  • Click on the Continue button to return to the Admin Menu.

Helpful Hint: use the “^” [shift + 6] symbol in front of your link to pop up a new browser window for your linked page (ex: ^http://www…)