Each unique Spotlight Website includes 5 complete and content-rich pages, ready in minutes. Each page is fully customizable with a professional layout and will display automatically.

The pages are as follows:

Listing Profile Page

This page functions as both the Home Page and the Listing Information Page. This is the first page that visitors see. It is also where visitors will see photos of the property and read details about the listing.

Resources Page

The Resources Page has a wide range of valuable and pre-populated information. This page includes interest rates, a payment calculator and articles related to the home buying experience.

Links Page

This page is very useful for including your favorite links. It is automatically pre-populated with links to respected industry sources.

About Me / About Us Page

Create a personal biography or simply include your contact information and a photo. Spotlight will create a simple and sophisticated page with your information.

Documents Page

Make any type of document available to the public: reports, floor plans, disclosures. All documents are available to all visitors, but you can password-protect sensitive individual documents or you can password-protect all documents to encourage visitors to contact you directly for access. It’s all part of managing your website the way you like.

Suppress Pages

Website pages can be suppressed from public view in the Spotlight Editor Site Settings controls.