The new Spotlight File Manager makes it easy for you to manage files across all of your Spotlight Websites.

3 Quick Steps to Upload a File

1. Browse to Find File

Browse your local directory to locate and upload a file.

2. Choose Website Folder

Once you have found and selected the specific file, you can then choose a destination website folder for the file by clicking on it in the list. You have the option of selecting one or more websites in the list for the file.

3. Add New

Once you have selected the appropriate website(s) for the file, select Add New.

View New File

The new file will be added to the website folder in the display window. The folder expands and the files within that folder become visible.

Website View

The new file is now visible and available to users in your website. 

Quick Edit Documents

You can also view and manage website-specific files in Spotlight Editor Quick Edit Documents.


Once you see the new file in a website folder, you are then able to password protect it from public view.All files are made available to all website visitors by default, but you can password-protect sensitive individual files or you can password-protect all files to encourage visitors to contact you directly for access.Simply enter a password string in the password input box to the right of each file and it will be saved automatically. Once you enter a password in the input box 

and select Update, the document becomes password-protected in the website.

Delete Files

To delete a file that appears within a website, view all the files associated with the website.

To the far right of each listed file is a Delete checkbox. Simply check the box for the corresponding file that you would like to delete.

Then select Update. The file will be permanently deleted from the website folder.

Delete Listing Folder

The File Manager listing folders cannot be manually deleted. You can delete a website using Spotlight Directory Delete Selected.

Once the deletion is complete, all content for the website will be removed, including the associated listing folder. Please note that deleted websites and all associated files are permanently removed with Delete Selected and cannot be recovered. 

File Types

The File Manager accommodates all standard file formats.