The Advanced Search function is a powerful contact management tool. It allows the user to specify detailed search results, which are used to call up only those contacts that fit the criteria you choose. These choices correspond to information you must enter when you create or modify a contact.

To get to the Advanced Search, click on “Organize Contacts” from the MarketReach homepage, then click on “Advanced Search”.

There are 4 parts to an Advanced Search. Any one or all 4 of these parts may be left blank. By default, the Advanced Search criteria is blank and will give you all of your contacts. You can narrow down the results by selecting criteria in the 4 parts.

Part 1: Groups and Types

Part 1 allows you to specify Contact Type, Contact Source, Contact Status, Lead Rating, and Contact Property Type. By default each of these is set to “All”.

Part 2: Contact Fields

Part 2 allows you to search certain contact fields. You can specify up to 5 fields to search for information. When searching for text, please note that “equals” means the text must exactly match, while “not equals” will prevent anything that matches the text from appearing. For instance, you can perform a search to bring up all of your contacts in a certain area code. The “greater than” and “less than” options are used for matching Birthday or Real Estate Home Anniversary.

Part 3: Created/Modified Dates

Part 3 allows you to search your contacts based on the date a contact was created or the date a contact was last changed. This is a quick way to identify new contacts or find recently updated contacts. You can either search for a certain time period, such as Last Week or Last Month, or you can select any range of dates.

Part 4: Archived Contacts

Part 4 allows you to specify whether you are searching your normal (unarchived) contacts or your archived contacts. Archived contacts are contacts that are designated not to become part of a dynamic list even if they fit the criteria.