Creating a Static List

A static list is a set of contacts that does not change. Static Lists are created manually and may be updated by hand at any point, but do not update themselves the way Dynamic lists do. Once a contact has been added to a Static list, they will remain in the list until one of three things happens:

  • They are manually removed from the list.
  • They Opt-out of further emails.
  • They are archived or deleted.

In order to create a Static List, please do the following:

  1. From the Home page of Marketreach, click on “Organize Contacts”.
  2. Click on “Create New List”, on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click on “Create Static List”
  4. Name your list, and choose a List Type (either Business, Personal, or Other).
  5. Select Contacts to be added to your list by clicking the checkbox next to their name. After selecting your contacts, click “Add Selected Contacts to List”. You may add up to 50 contacts from a single page at a time. When you have added all of your contacts, click “Finished Adding Contacts”

Editing an existing Static List

To edit an already created Static List, click on “Browse Contact Lists” from the “Organize Contacts” menu. Simply click on the list and click “Add More Contacts To List” and add contacts as before. You may also rename the list at this point.