There are numerous things you can do from your Browse Contacts page. This page is designed to allow you to fully manipulate contacts. Use the images below and their corresponding keys to gain a better grasp on how this page works.

  1. Search And Filter Contacts
    • Select Contact Group – Will filter results to only show the selected group
    • Select Search Criteria – When using Keyword search, searches the selected field
    • Enter Keywords – Enter the keywords for your search
      Note: Results will be shown for keywords exactly as entered.
      Example: Keyword “Do” will only display results where the name is exactly “Do”. Doe will not be displayed. See Wildcard search for more on how search using the wildcard feature.
    • Wildcard Search - Enter % before or after a keyword for more results. Results will include everything that has the keyword in it.
      Example: Keyword “Do%” will include Do, Doe or any contact that has the letters “Do”
    • Click the Search button to perform a search.
  2. Quick Add Contacts
    Enter in the contact information and click Add to add a contact.
  3. Filter Contacts Alphabetically
    Select a letter of the alphabet to view only contacts that start with that letter. Choose to search by Last Name, First Name or Email Address
  4. Select a Contact View
    Select a saved Contact View from the menu. Select “Normal” to remove all Contact View filters.
  5. Display Contacts Area
    Results for any search are displayed in this area. Click on the contact name to view more detail or edit the contact information for the selected contact.
  6. Delete Contacts
    Check the “trash can” column for any contact you want to delete. Click the Delete bottom to delete the selected contacts.
  7. Organize Contacts
    More contact organization & management tools.