To access the Calendar, click on the Calendar tab at the top of the MarketReach home page.

Add new event

Click on the Add New Event link or  button to add an event.

  • Using the pull down selector, enter the Time Start and Time End for the event.
  • Enter the Title and Description for the event.
    Note – The Title will be displayed when viewing calendar information for that date.
  • Click Save to add your event to the calendar. Also see Setting Email Reminders for events

View or Edit an Event

  1. From the main Calendar page, navigate to the month of the event you would like to view by using the << or >> arrows next to the month name or by using the Jump to Date feature.
  2. Select the day on the calendar for the event you want to view or edit.
    Selecting any day with an icon will display all the events for that day in the right panel.
  3. Click on the event description in the right panel to view or edit an event.

Show Birthdays and Home Anniversaries

Directly below the calendar, select Birthdays and Home Anniversaries.
Click the “Go” button to display the Birthdays and Home Anniversaries.