You can add special code called macros to automatically display personal information within your message or content.

Note: All macros must be entered in lower case letters.

An example would be:

My name is [%name%]

Will be displayed as:

My name is Jane Doe

Following are the macros that can be used to automatically display your personalized information.

[%name%] = Your full name

[%company%] = Your company name

[%address%] = Your address

[%phone%] = Your phone

[%fax%] = Your fax

[%website%] = Link to your website

[%email%] = Email link

[%signature%] = The signature text set in your Personal Preferences

Recipient Information

[%firstname%] = First name of recipient

[%lastname%] = Last name of recipient

[%fullname%] = First and last name combined


To present an image using the %IMG% code, do the following:

Access the Image Manager by clicking the Manage Images button on your Market Reach homepage.

Click on the image you would like to create the code for.

If you do not have any images uploaded, click the browse button under “Upload New Image” to select a new file to use.

Copy the Image Macro code

Paste the code into your eCard or Flyer while editing it to present the image.