From the HomePage view:

  • Click “Create & Browse Flyers.”
  • Click “Send Property Flyers.”
  • Click the  button to preview the flyer.
  • Click the  to go to select recipients and send your flyer.

Optional – Editing your flyer before you send it.

  • Click the flyer name to edit the flyer.
  • Make the desired changes and click, “Save Changes.”
  • Name the property flyer and place it in your desired folder.
  • Click, “Update” to save changes or “Save Property Flyer and Send Now.”
  • After clicking “Save Property Flyer and Send Now,” you’ll be directed to the Contact selection screen.
  • Select any contacts you like and click “Add.”
  • Remove any selected contacts from the recipient list on the right side of the contact database by selecting the checkbox next to their names and clicking “Remove.”
  • When you’re done making changes to the recipients, click “Send Email.”